In the Footsteps of the Pilgrims

I live in the valley of the River Medway in Kent. It is a beautiful setting with an interesting history. P1020461

This is a view taken with my back to the river facing St Mary’s Church. This church is situated between Rochester and Maidstone alongside the river Medway. It is now in the care of the CCT and is beautiful setting for an art exhibition. Which is why I am inviting artists make work on the theme of “In the Footsteps of the Pilgrims”. The church is not far from the old routes made over the centuries by pilgrims from London and Winchester to Canterbury to see the remains of St Augustine.

However artists can be inspired by all sorts of things in this area, the landscape, the flora and fauna, the pylons (yes that’s my choice!) Across the river is Snodland with its paper manufacturing  and recycling, but also there is a recent history of cement and brick works which was a massive industry in the area and now completely gone. There is some interesting information about the area in this article about The Medway Gap.

The exhibition will take place in the church for a weekend only on October 22/23rd 2016.


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