Song of the Shirt

The Song of the Shirt is a body of work created in response to the film of the same name. The film was made in 1979 and was very much of its time, but it looked at the lives of poor women in the 1800’s who worked in slop houses, making and repairing clothes. The conditions were hard, the women stitched by hand working by candlelight late into the night. The film uses this to explore ideas of gender and class in the 1970’s and we can still make these connections today.

This work consists of a collection of white clothes each of which has a stitched drawing of a person sewing on it. The collection is hung on a washing line with clothes pegs. The installation was made originally for The Sunlight Trust in Gillingham Kent, which used to be a laundry before it became a multi use medical centre.

The Song of the Shirt will be exhibited at The World of Threads in Canada in October 2016


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