The Hidden Power of Stitch

This work was shown at the Festival of Quilts in August. In it I am exploring the idea that threads can be powerful. Stitching is in fact keeping this world going, but the people that do it are most often invisible.

The poorest people in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia or Cambodia are making the clothes we buy on our high streets, these workers are keeping the economy of their countries going, they are the power behind the production, but they are not acknowledged, and indeed quite often they are not even paid a decent wage to allow them a good quality of life.

This work consists of a series of stitched drawings of people who are sewing, as well a large stitched drawing of a Pylon. The pylon is a structure, which aids power production and the transference of that power. They stride across our landscape, they are a symbol of the power they are transmitting.

The particular pylon in this work is made from thread and is a symbol of the power of thread and stitch. It links us to the drawings of the people sewing. The pylon is meant to be towering above us whilst the people sewing are dwarfed by it. The drawing has lots of loose threads, which emphasise the fact that it is stitched, that a structure so strong and massive can be, draw in thread.

This work also alludes to the lines which criss-cross our lives everywhere we go and yet we hardly notice them, they are not concealed and yet they are invisible, just like the stitchers of the world.


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