Halling and Cement


This is a piece called “Halling 1910-2016”

It consists of a drawing in pencil on white cotton. This drawing shows Halling in Kent as it was in 1910, when the cement industry was big in the lower Medway Valley, hence the huge chimneys and the smoke. Overlaying this is a stitched drawing of Halling as it is today, the chimneys have gone but the houses are still there. However a lot of cars have appeared. I was stuck by how much the street scene in 1910 looked like a northern industrial town and now nearly all evidence of the existence of a cement industry has disappeared, you would never know it ever happened. The lower Medway valley went from being a massive industrial area back to rural quiet countryside. (apart from all the cars!) A new village is being built on the site of one of the cement works. It references the cement industry in its name: Peters village (after Peters cement business) and comes with new housing blocks called Kiln View and Portland Way.

This artwork will be on show at St Mary’s Church Burham, Kent ME13XY as part of the In the Footsteps of the Pilgrims exhibition.


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