5:10 Textile Talks

I spent Saturday in Oxford at a great venue called the Jam Factory. Firstly during the day we ran a workshop in Machine embroidery on Maps (as well as fabric). But in the evening Freestyle Textiles put on a 5:10 Textiles Talk.

If you don’t know what this is, (apparently they are quite common in the corporate world), it is simply 5 people who each talk for 10 minutes. A simple idea, but very effective. Eleanor Winn of Freestyle Textiles got together 5 textile artists, (well 4 as one couldn’t make it on the night) including myself, and we each stood up in turn and talked about our work or an aspect of it, or just an issue around our work, for 10 minutes.

The beauty of this was that its a short enough time not to feel too daunting, but its long enough to get across a few points to spark discussion and debate later on. I really enjoyed talking to the others involved, and they were, Lucy Turner, Harriet Popham, Louise Jones (aka Sparkly Mouse)

Below is a close up of Sparkly Mouse’s rucksack on which she is stitching something everyday. 2017-04-22 20.44.41.jpg

Below is the work of Harriet Popham, in which she uses screen printing and stitch.

2017-04-22 20.56.33.jpg

Lucy Turner is currently studying her MA at Nottingham Trent University. She talked about her work looking at tuberculosis and the resultant knitting designs, see below.2017-04-22 20.59.00.jpg

Here is Lucy giving us her 10 minute talk about her work. 2017-04-22 20.34.58.jpg

It was great fun and really interesting and something I would definitely recommend doing if you get the chance.



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