Geelong Fibre Forum

I have just returned from a lovely trip to Australia, where I taught a workshop at the Geelong Fibre forum. I have attached here some pics of the work done over the week by the students.

The Forum takes place in the beautiful setting of Geelong Grammar school, which is just north of Geelong along the coast. 12 different courses took place including, metalwork jewellery, felt hats and dresses, zero waste fashion, artists books, mixed media textiles etc. Alongside that there were talks by all the tutors as well as a big hall full of traders selling fabrics, books, yarns etc. The food provided by the School was lovely and we ate in the fabulous great hall (very hogwarts in style).

Everybody worked really hard and had great fun. The theme was “Cosmic-Space age” which meant for some great outfits for the fancy-dress party on Wednesday night. I think the prize for best outfit should go to Jacqui who went dressed as a black hole!

Thanks to everyone who took part in my course, thus enabling me to visit Australia! And what a fantastic trip it was.


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