European Quilt Triennial

My piece “Copenhagen Streetlife” was accepted into the 7th European Quilt Triennial. This is very exciting for me as I have not really done anything I thought could be considered as a quilt before. It is stitched in 2 layers with the appliqued coloured fabrics laid down on white cotton, then the figures are stitched in orange onto transparent polyester voil. the 2 layers are attached with lines of running stitch along the edges of the street. This is also a more colorful piece than some of my work in that the figures are stitched in orange and not black. So the whole thing has a somewhat more softer feel to it.

The exhibition is touring all over the place so check it out and see if its coming anywhere near you! Click here for more info.



    1. Hi Alison, thanks for commenting! You can follow my blogs by clicking on the box that says FOLLOW. It should appear at the bottom right of your screen I think! I don’t relly blog very oftern I must admit but its something that I am going to try to do more of, so we will see how it goes. Let me know if you cannot find the “follow” box. Rosie


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