Covid19 Lockdown Portraits

Two weeks ago I decided to ask people if they would send me a photo of themselves in isolation so I could stitch it. I have had loads sent in and I am now working my way through them, thanks to all of you who have sent your pics in!

My aim to create a large artwork which will show some of the things people are doing whilst in lockdown/isolation, but also its something to keep myself busy! I intend to keep going and I am determined to get you all in it.

All the pieces are 20cm square and will be sewn together to create a large version of a Zoom or Houseparty type social gathering online, something a lot of people are using as a way of keeping in touch with loved ones when we can no longer physically meet.

I hope that this will be a small insight into these weird and difficult times and serve as a reminder this time next year when we are back in the pubs and cafes chatting and hugging! (hopefully)


  1. These are fabulous! We reference your work regularly for GCSE textiles, this is a beautiful project and looking forward to seeing more.


    1. Hi Kami, I am up to my neck in them at the moment! I will put the word out when I have caught up with myself! Thanks Rosie


  2. Dear Rosie, my colleague sent me these photos just this morning and I am blown away. I teach A level art textiles at Westcliff High and Dr Hayman our school Head has authorised the use of a creative app to be introduced. I helped develop it and I’m in the process of inviting artists and schools to join. It’s like Instagram but without social media to protect even the youngest creatives. Would you be kind enough to take a look and post some of your work to inspire our students and others to come? It’s called Artuoso. Thanks so much for your time. Best wishes, Maria


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