These first 5 works are all A4 size mounted on board. 4 of them are stitched onto an old map of the Oxford area. Catwalk circle is a section of old shirt attached to a circle of linen and hand stitched on pink, then mounted on white card. They are not framed to make them easier to post. They are all £45 except Catwalk Circle which is £35.(SOLD) Prices do not include postage. Please message me via the contact page to purchase or for more information.

The next group are all part of the Power of Stitch series depicting people sewing. They are stitched on white cotton and stretched over a canvas ready to hang. They are all 30 x 21 x 1.5cms measurements and are £95 each not including postage.

Figure/Line is a long piece 120x40cms there are more pics on AXIS. It is a piece from 2015 which was only exhibited once and then packed away. The figure is stitched onto silk organza and then attached to the linen background over which the lines are stitched, the loose threads have then been pulled together across the lines to create the perspective effect. This work is currently for sale at £200. Contact me if you would like to buy it, or for more information.

figureline axis